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The suburb that is a society in a society, a place where young guys do anything for respect. A place where criminality and violence is a part of life. The movie is about Malik, a guy without family and land of origin, and who has made crime and violence to a part of his life. Both to win respect, and to support himself.

Title : 9 Millimeter

Year : 1997

Runtime : 96

Release Dates: 1997-01-24


Actors :

Paolo RobertoasMalik
Rebecca FaceyasCarmen
Steve AalamasRico (as Abou-Bakre Aalam)
Camilo AlanisasClaudio
Annika AschbergasMalou
Kasra AshhamiasDarius
Astrid AssefaasRosa
Kerim ChattyasDarius' Friend
Semir ChattyasAnders
Serdar ErdasasMameth
Isabella HautalaasAnna
Isabell HimeusasDoctor
Hayes JemideasFeelgood
Anna JärphammarasMounia
Hannu LintulaasDoctor
Mikael PersbrandtasKonstantin
Ivan M. PeterssonasJocke
Reuben SallmanderasRuiz
Helena af SandebergasKarin
Peter StenlundasPorter
Ylva SwedenborgasJudge
Christina TribukaitasBank Teller
Zoltan ZarossyasDarius' Friend
Zara ZetterqvistasCaroline

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